Operation Stormwatch North FL

Operation Stormwatch North FL

Operation Stormwatch updates, northern florida


Hurricane Irma: Big Bend update


    - A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Baker, Berrien, Brooks,

      Calhoun, Clay, Coastal Franklin, Colquitt, Cook, Decatur,

      Dougherty, Early, Gadsden, Grady, Inland Dixie, Inland

      Franklin, Inland Jefferson, Inland Taylor, Inland Wakulla,

      Lafayette, Lanier, Lee, Leon, Liberty, Lowndes, Madison,

      Miller, Mitchell, Quitman, Randolph, Seminole, Terrell, Thomas,

      Tift, and Worth

    - A Storm Surge Warning and Hurricane Warning are in effect for

      Coastal Dixie, Coastal Jefferson, Coastal Taylor, and Coastal


    - A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Ben Hill, Calhoun,

      Central Walton, Coastal Bay, Coastal Gulf, Coffee, Dale,

      Geneva, Henry, Holmes, Houston, Inland Bay, Inland Gulf, Irwin,

      Jackson, North Walton, South Walton, Turner, and Washington


    - About 330 miles south-southeast of TALLAHASSEE

    - 26.2N 81.8W

    - Storm Intensity 110 mph

    - Movement North or 350 degrees at 14 mph




Irma has made a second Florida landfall at Marco Island and will

continue to move north-northwest toward our area tonight, crossing the

region tomorrow. All preparations should be finalized at this time and

you should be prepared to shelter in place tonight and tomorrow

through the remainder of the event. A curfew is in place for Leon

county starting at 9 PM tonight. Tropical storm force winds could

begin in the next few hours in the southeast Big Bend and will spread

inland through the night. Hurricane force winds could begin around

midnight in the extreme southeast Big Bend and move inland through

Monday morning and early afternoon. Overall durations of tropical

storm force winds could exceed 15 hours with a portion of this time

including hurricane force winds. This prolonged period of extreme

winds will cause widespread wind damage to trees and power lines, as

well as structural damage across the area. We urge you to go to seek

shelter in an interior room away from doors and windows for the

duration of the high winds. In addition, there is the danger of life

threatening storm surge across the Wakulla, Jefferson, Taylor, and

Dixie county coasts. Do not stay in a flood prone area along these

coast lines. Follow instructions from your local officials and

complete all preparations before this evening. Conditions will

gradually improve Monday night as Irma continues northward. Anticipate

impassable roads and extensive power outages in the wake of the storm.

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