Garfield Phones Have Been Washing Up on a Beach for 35+ Years

Imagine having some of the most pristine beaches in the world littered with bright orange cat phones. That's what's been happening since the 1980s to the Iroise coast in Brittany, a French coastal community with some of the best beaches in the world. They have been cleaning up bright orange landline novelty phones shaped like the famous cartoon cat for 35 years now.

It finally looks like they have found the answer as to why this has been happening. It appears that a lost shipping container was the cause of this phenomenon. The beach-cleaning teams had long suspected that a lost shipping container might be the source of the classic Garfield phones. 

The container is in a secluded sea cave accessible only at low tide. There is no way to access it or its contents which means they'll be cleaning up these phones on their beaches for years to come. It also doesn't help that these phones are all plastic which will never decompose. At least the mystery has been solved.

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