DIY Nose Jobs Are Now a Thing on Instagram

Wish you could get a nose job, but just don’t have the extra cash to spend? Just take a lesson from Instagram makeup influencers from China and build the nose of your dreams out of wax and makeup!

Yeah, forget contouring. That’s for chumps. JK...I don't even know what contouring is really. But women all over Asia are using a slimming face tape and special effects face wax to create makeup looks that are actually quite jaw-dropping. Just watching them take their makeup off is mesmerizing.

You can add chin implants, cheek bones and a whole new nose to your face with a little practice and some serious blending skills. If sculpting your ideal face every morning doesn’t fit in your schedule – it might be fun to try for a special event. And if anything, you can practice your skills over the next 11 months and be a pro by next Halloween!

Check it out below...

P.S. - Sweet fancy Moses that's a lot of hashtags.

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

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