Couple Gets Roasted For Their Strict Wedding Rules

If you need a laugh today, this should do it. The online forum Reddit is blowing up after one user posted a screenshot of a list of “rules and regulations” emailed to them by the “wedding coordinator” of an upcoming ceremony.

The email is not only rife with typos, and some of the requests are as laughable as the spelling. Here are the ridiculous (and hilarious) rules:

Here are the rules that the couple provided: 

  • “Please arrive 15-30 minutes early”
  • “Please DO NOT wear white, cream or ivory”
  • “Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail”
  • “Please do not fave a full face of makeup”
  • “Do not record during the seramony
  • “Do not check in on FB until instructed”
  • “Everyone will toast with Remy. No acceptance.”
  • “Lastly must come with gift $75 or more if you want to be admited in”

Reddit users had a field day with this one, some users offering parody rules and others simply roasting the demands. “I’d love for all guests to all show up naked with ponytails. That would be beautiful,” writes one user. “Bring 7,350 pennies,” suggests another. The epic number of misspellings and typos also made for fun (in bold). Check out the original post and all the responses HERE.

Source: Reddit

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