New Spider-Man PS4 Game Has a Sad Easter Egg

The new Spider-Man game for Playstation 4 just came out on Friday, and first let me just say that it is amazing. I get bored/tired with video games very quickly. But this one probably tops them all. The only games that have impressed me this much have been Grand Theft Auto 4 & 5. So I highly recommend the new Spider-Man game. Incredible graphics, game-play mechanics, and a captivating story/campaign.

But within the game lies a very sad Easter egg. I guess the people at Insomniac Games are cool as hell because a while back a guy by the name of Tyler Schultz sent this tweet to one of the game developers at Insomniac:


And they agreed to do it! Isn't that the sweetest? Tyler, you hopeless romantic, you.

The conversation went like this:


At this point, Tyler must have been in shock from finding out that they would actually include his marriage proposal in the game. Well, here's the sad part: Tyler's girlfriend broke up with him just before the release of the game. So now the marriage proposal, which appears on the marquee sign of a theater in the game, is being called "the saddest Easter egg in the world".

Game developers said they plan to change the sign in a future game update.

So I send my condolences to Tyler. He put a lot of thought into that grand gesture, only to get his heart shattered. 

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

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