Why Guys Should Care About How They Smell

Maybe us guys aren't giving enough thought about how we smell. A new survey by Old Spice Men's body wash finds that 41% of females think their boyfriend or husband has bad body odor, and that’s definitely not a good thing. In fact, 84% of women say their man’s smell was unattractive, with 91% saying they don’t want to get intimate with their man because of their B.O. 

What’s worse, it seems a lot of men are clueless about their body odor issues. The survey finds that 84% of men think they smell good, while 54% don’t realize that their odor could be a getting in the way of them getting lucky.

And odor does play a huge role with women when it comes to love. The survey finds that 89% of women say their first love was unforgettable because he smelled good. But not all smells are good for men. Turns out 67% of women say they find sweet, floral smells on men less attractive, with 89% of women admitting they wouldn’t go on a second date with a guy who smelled like that.

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

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