How Young is Too Young to Stay Home Alone?

Well, I know kids are excited about being out of school for the summer. And maybe even more excited about getting to stay home alone while parents go to work. When kids are really little, you've got to pay for camps and sitters, but what do you do when they are at that in-between stage? They're not teenagers that can stay by themselves with no worries, but they aren't babies anymore, either. Can they stay home alone at age 10, 11, or 12?

Well, safety experts actually say that if they are prepared and emotionally mature, some kids can start staying home alone as young as age 8! But it really based on each individual child.

So I'm wondering what my listeners think about that. When do you think kids are old enough to stay home alone during summer break? How do you handle summer vacation with kids that can’t stay home alone when you are at work?

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