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Celebrities Who Got Discovered in Weird Ways

Some celebs were discovered in less than conventional ways … proving becoming famous takes talent -- and a whole lot of luck. Bet you didn’t know that these celebs got discovered in the weirdest ways:

Charlize Theron: An 18-year-old Charlize was telling off a bank teller when she couldn't cash her paycheck at a bank in L.A. and a talent agent named John Crosby just happened to be standing behind her. Talk about right place, right time!

Ashley Tisdale: This beauty was just three years old when a Ford modeling agent approached her mom at a local mall while they were shopping.

Natalie Portman: She was just 11 years old when she was approached by a Revlon modeling scout while she was chowing down on a slice of pizza at a Long Island pizza place.

Sofia Vergara: Sofia was approached by a photographer on a beach in Colombia and was soon offered a modeling gig that led to a Latin American Pepsi ad ... and then an acting career.

Jennifer Aniston: After struggling and failing through many auditions, Jen ran into TV exec and former NBC president Warren Littlefield at a gas station on Sunset Boulevard. She was pumping gas and turned to the guy and said, "Will it ever happen for me?" He clearly made it happen!

Nick Jonas: He was signed way before his brothers! He was discovered at seven years old singing outside of a hair salon where his mom was getting her hair cut. He became a Broadway star as a child, and signed a solo record deal before signing on with Disney and creating the Jonas Brothers with his siblings.

Pamela Anderson: She was discovered on a jumbo tron at a hockey game in Canada. The crowd cheered so hard for her she was eventually brought right on to the ice ... and a star was born!

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