Do You Lie About Your Kid's Age for Discounts?

If you're a parent you know how great an excuse having kids is for pretty much anything. Don't want to go to a particular event? Blame the kids. Want to go home early? Blame the kids. Want to spend less on tickets for a flight or amusement park? Lie and say your kids are younger than they actually are.

According to a recent poll, a third of parents have lied about their kids’ ages to get discount tickets on travel and events. And get this ... 1 in 10 parents have actually taught their child to lie if asked about their age before a specific traveling engagement or event.

The poll also found that dads are more likely to lie and ask their kids to go along with the fib than moms, but 25 percent of all parents think it's completely acceptable to do. They even make their kids look younger to really pull it off!

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

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