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An E-mail from a Listener About Daryle Singletary

There are so many great stories about Daryle out there. Please feel free to share them with me. You can e-mail me at jason@iheartradio.com.

I got this e-mail from Jared Walker today:


Thank you for providing this afternoon's tribute to Daryle Singletary.

My dad worked with Daryle at Wight's Nursery in Cairo. This was in the early 90's- we got to hear the stories of an up and coming country star!

We would hear stories about Daryle having reservations about singing about drinking and cheating. We also heard about tales of Daryle working as a roadie for Tanya Tucker.

It was really neat to see him release his albums, having a career and have a feeling that you some inside on the story his success.

This really brings back memories of growing up and my Dad being with us.

Thank you for this afternoon's show.

God Bless.

Jared Walker

Thank you, Jared. Our memories of Daryle will certainly live on. And his music will definitely live on, too. 

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