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The 10 Workplace Personalities - Sound Like Anyone You Know?

A new study has found that there are 10 distinct workplace personalities, and, naturally, some are more liked by colleagues than others. If you work in an office setting these personalities will seem all too familiar. Which one are you?

The Grafter: This employee comes ready to work, not socialize, and gets results.

The Chatterbox: This person knows everyone and everything that’s going on in the office.

The Workaholic: First person in and last to leave. This employee is always working.

The Comedian: Makes everyone laugh and is always the center of attention during meetings and other work events.

The Big Talker: This person loves to brag about work accomplishments.

The Delegator: This employee passes work on to everyone else without actually getting anything done himself.

The Juggler: Multi-tasking is easy for this employee.

The Wallflower: Quiet and shy, this person does her work without being noticed much.

The Micromanager: This employee needs to be in on everything because no one else can do it exactly right.

The Charmer: This person can talk her way out of anything and is a great salesperson.

The research found the Grafter gets the most respect among colleagues and the Big Talker and the Micromanager are the most disliked. 

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