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Things That Used to Be Scandalous

It’s hard to believe, but these things were once universally thought to be scandalous:

Mini Skirts: The style originated in London in the mid-’60s, and middle aged men used to stand in front of store windows shouting about how disgusting the shortened hemlines were!

Women riding bicycles: At the turn of the century it was unheard of for women to be so brazen as to ride a bike. A popular newspaper at the time actually published that its way too dangerous for women to bike because they might faint on the road or, heaven help us, go to church in their bicycle costume.

Soda: In 1909, the FDA seized a bunch of Coke from a women’s college because when women drank the caffeinated beverage they claim it caused, "wild nocturnal freaks, violations of college rules and female properties and immoralities."

Dancing: Back in 1926 physicians were telling women not to dance the scandalous Charleston because it could kill them. Apparently, they believed extreme physical exercise was dangerous to a woman’s health. Did they forget about childbirth?!

Women with tattoos: There was a time when the only women who had tattoos were considered criminals and prostitutes.

Women wearing pants: In the 19th century it was actually illegal for women to wear pants.

Bikinis: Invented in 1946, even Parisian models wouldn’t wear bikinis and the Vatican declared them sinful!

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