Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Whisks Daughter Away For Special Vacation

Lady Antebellum frontwoman, Hillary Scott is no stranger to the balancing act of life. The singer has been juggling her duties as a wife, mother, and bandmate for over 5 years. She does it seemingly flawlessly. 

What’s her secret in making sure that everyone is happy? She's intentional with the time she spends and focuses on making people know that they are important.

Over the weekend, Hilary and husband, Chris Tyrrell wanted to do just that for their five-year-old daughter, Eisele. A mountain vacation for three, instead of a family vacation for five, seemed like the perfect plan to spoil their daughter. 

Hillary commends her daughter’s patience and grace by saying, "Eisele has had to learn patience like I could never imagine at 5 years old. She has been nothing but sweet and kind to B & E. She has given us grace in our search for our rhythm with infant twins, and y’all she’s not ONCE complained."

The compliment came alongside an image of three sets of snow boots sitting on a rustic deck.

"So, Chris and I loaded her up and drove to colder weather. We sat in a jacuzzi, watched movies, ate popcorn, snow-tubed, ice skated, took a funny old-time photo, and hit the aquarium on the way out of town. Gatlinburg was good to us, but NOTHING, NOWHERE OR NO ONE could ever be as good(and special) as this little girl who made me a Mom. To quote her, this time together was “so loving,” Hillary continued.

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The couple is very busy with their three daughters, and with the recent announcement of Lady Antebellum's Las Vegas Residency, the mountain getaway made a perfect time capsule as they gear up for the approaching show season. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images.