Lunchbox Upset Morgan Getting Interviewed By Nashville Publication

Morgan got interviewed by the Nashville publication, NashvilleVoyager, for a profile piece on her to learn more about her career and life for their ‘Inspiring Journeys’ story.  

Lunchbox is upset because he doesn’t think there is anything inspiring about her story. But there is a lot to be inspired about from her story. Morgan was one of the first people to get into digital at iHeartRadio. When she first started, social media was just becoming a thing and it’s become a huge part of her career. She is one of the first people to have a full-time position in social media for a huge company.  

Lunchbox would want a profile piece on him where they explore him being prom king and maintaining his status as a celebrity and being on the biggest radio show for the last 20 years. He thinks that it is more inspirational than Morgan’s story. He also thinks he does more work than Morgan and has a higher level of importance than her at work.  

When the article gets posted, Morgan will put it on the website and Lunchbox will read it on-air.  

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