Listener Who Sent Morgan Flowers Calls in for Guys To Question Him

A listener named Dave from Ohio sent flowers to Morgan for Valentines Day at work and left his number. They had never met or spoken before, so Bobby Bones, Lunchbox and Eddie called to question him.  

They told him they thought it was super sweet he sent her flowers for Valentine's Day but wanted to know what motivated him to do so. He said it was because he heard she didn’t have a good memory of Valentine’s Day and hoped he could help. He is a fan of the show and follows her on Instagram. He wasn’t trying to be romantic, especially since he lives in a different state and just wanted to send them to her to be nice.  

Dave is not married or dating and has no kids. He’s on a few dating apps but hasn’t had much luck with them. He said his celebrity lookalike is the bad guy from The Matrix, Agent Smith played by Hugo Weaving. Dave is 43 and drives a semi-truck for a living. He’s never been to Nashville and is six feet tall. The three hobbies he enjoys doing most are building firearms, drawing and playing online games with his friends.  

Morgan then got on the phone and thanked him for the flowers and kind gestures. Bones told Dave to let him know if he ever comes to Nashville because they’d love to meet him but couldn’t guarantee a date with Morgan! They didn’t think he was a good match for Morgan, but thought he was a super nice guy.

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