Orlando Thrill Ride From Which A Teen Fell To His Death Will Be Torn Down.

The drop tower ride in Orlando on which 14 year old Tyre Sampson fell to his death in March will be torn down. The operators of the 430 foot Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park say the attraction will be taken down out of respect for the teen's family and because of the public outcry over his death.

In a statement, Orlando Slingshot CEO Ritchie Armstrong said, 'we have listened to the wishes of Tyre's family and the community." The statement also says, 'We are devastated by Tyre's death.' The teen who was visiting Florida on Spring Break from Tennessee fell out of his seat. He was almost 100 pounds over the ride's weight limit.

Tyre's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

When the FreeFall ride will be taken down has not been determined.

Image Courtesy Getty

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