Brittany Aldean Reveals The Key To Her Marriage To Jason Aldean

Brittany Aldean Reveals The Key To Her Marriage To Jason Aldean

Brittany Aldean has recently opened up about her marriage to country music superstar, Jason Aldean. In a recent interview, Brittany admitted that although it's not always easy, she believes she has found the key to their relationship.

"It’s tough, I’m not gonna lie," she shared. "It’s tough, because they’re gone a lot and, you know, life on the road is a lot but, I don’t know, you kind of find your happy medium in it all."

As perfect as it looks from the outside looking in, Brittany goes on to admit that just like other couples, they too argue from time to time. "Everybody’s like, 'do you guys fight?’ Of course we fight, we’re human," she said. "We fight about things, you know? He’s a huge hunter, I’m an animal activist. Things happen, you know?"

She continues, "So you have your moments where you just want to strangle each other and we make that very clear. But, at the end of the day, we love each other, we don’t ever want to be with anyone else."

Brittany went on to explain that their love surpasses any luxurious "thing" they own. If everything they had suddenly went away, Brittany says they's still be together.

"We have these beautiful kids, we have a great life. And that’s the core of it all, and I said this in the beginning: If everything went away tomorrow, and we didn’t have another thing but like a box to live in and our kids, I would still be there a hundred percent of the way," she explained. "I don’t need all the things, cause I have you and I love you to pieces and I just don’t want anyone else. I feel like if that’s the core, and I truly feel fortunate."

Jason and Brittany got married in 2015. They share 2-year-old son, Memphis and 15-month-old daughter Navy together. The country singer also shares two daughters with his ex-wife, 17-year-old Keeley and 12-year-old Kendyl. The family recently moved into their new home in Nashville after quarantining for several months down at their beach house in Florida.

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