Eight-Year-Old Takes Parent's Car On 86-MPH Joyride On The Autobahn

Germany, Rhineland, Autobahn, Between Dusseldorf And

An eight-year-old boy from Germany who loves driving go-carts and bumper cars decided he wanted to give the real thing a try. The young boy hopped into his parent's Volkswagen Golf and made his way to the Autobahn just after midnight.

The boy hit speeds of 86-miles-per-hour as he cruised down the Autobahn before he pulled over because he was uncomfortable driving in the dark. He pulled into a rest stop, where he turned on his hazard lights and placed a warning triangle behind the vehicle.

The boy's mother managed to track him down about 30 minutes later, sitting in the back corner of the parking lot. Police officers arrived a few minutes later.

"I only wanted to drive around a bit," the boy told the police as he started to cry.

The officers explained to the boy how dangerous it was to drive at night, especially on the Autobahn, which has no speed limit. They decided not to file criminal charges against him, though he will likely face some punishment when he gets home.

Photo: Getty Images