Texas Teacher Runs Through Street To Warn Parents As Tornado Approaches

A Texas elementary school teacher looked like a superhero as she ran down the street to warn parents to take cover as a tornado approached. Megan Parson, who is a fourth-grade teacher at Hays Elementary School in Rockwall, ditched her shoes and rushed out into the pouring rain to tell the parents waiting to pick up their kids to find shelter inside of the school.

Amber Dawn Shirley-Barlow shared a photo on Facebook showing Parson running down the street with her red kimono flapping behind her like a cape, as a tornado formed in the background.

Let me tell ya something about a woman who takes all precautions necessary to not only keep her kids safe but their parents too.. With her permission, I’ve copied her post and these photos to share! Thank you for everything you do!! Can we get #TeacherOfTheYearor what!!!🤯

As Parson was running down the street, she realized she was still wearing a fake mustache that she had put on during a party to celebrate the end of the school year.

"So there I am, barefoot, in the rain, with a literal tornado in the background... when I realize... I left my fake black hairy mustache (from our party earlier) on my face," Parson wrote on Facebook. "So, all parents see is this crazy girl running barefoot in the rain with a tornado in the background wearing a fake black mustache."

Luckily, the tornado did not reach the school. Officials say it had a maximum wind speed of 70 miles-per-hour and caused minor damage at the Leon Tuttle Athletic Complex, which is about three-and-a-half miles from the school.

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