Steps Closer to the End of the Mueller Probe

Everyone in the political world is on pins and needles again for the end of the Mueller probe.The buzz is that any day now the probe could end.But don’t hype yourself up too much. While President Trump has said he wants the “ridiculous” report to be made public, the ball is in Attorney General William Barr’s court on how much we will actually see. Darren Samuelsohn, WH reporter for Politico joins us for what to expect.

Next, we finally get to tell you about the first high profile mob killing in 34 years.Last week, Gambino crime family boss Francesco “Frankie Boy” Cali was shot and run over with a truck outside his home.The culprit was 24 year old Anthony Comello who has no mob ties, but may have been interested in Cali’s niece.My producer Miranda joins us for what we know.

Finally, one of the biggest demographic trends of the past 50 years is the rise of singles. The Census Bureau reported that 48% of adults were either divorced or never married.Singles in America still face a certain stigma, but studies also suggest that they become happier as they age. Elizabeth Bernstein, columnist for the WSJ, joins us to talk about the art of being single.

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