Fast Cars & Mason Jars

Tree House of Tallahassee will host Fast Cars & Mason Jars on Saturday, February 24, 2018. Now in the 12th year, Fast Cars & Mason Jars is our annual fundraiser providing crucial financial support that helps us provide shelter and supplies to abused and neglected children who require emergency shelter.

All of the funds raised support necessary upkeep and house renovations, as well as items the children need like bedding, clothing, counseling, food, school supplies, toys, and birthday and holiday gifts. In many cases, children arrive at Tree House with nothing other than the clothing they are wearing. They are welcomed with a new teddy bear, a warm bed, home cooked meals, and around the clock care from experienced and loving staff. 

For more information, or to purchace tickets, go to

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or in donating to the live or silient auction, please contact Parker Sullivan at 850-694-4772 or e-mail

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