Well, on Friday night, I began my new venture as announcer for the FSU Soccer team. And I've gotta say: it was truly fun. I really enjoyed watching the sport being played, as well as adding to the excitement in the stands over the speakers.

The toughest part was definitely the pronunciations of the some of the players' names. FSU has players from Iceland, Finland, Japan, all over the globe! But I think I finally have all the names down. Thanks to Sports Information Director Jason Leturmy for helping me with that! Also, it's great working in the press box with Kacey, Scotty, and Steven. 

Now, as far as the game. I love the pace at which it is played. The clock rarely stops. When the ball goes out of bounds, they get it back in play quickly. And the pure athleticism that the sport requires just blows me away. These girls have to stay running and agile for the entire 90 minutes. And the footwork is incredible. Then, most of all, when a goal is scored, it is really exciting.

So I would encourage EVERYONE to go to an FSU Soccer game this year. Free admission, free parking, and best of all, the Noles are ranked #2 in the nation, and are enjoying a 37-game win streak at home! That is awesome! Go Noles!