Alright, well especially if you are a bartender or in the hospitality industry at all you will know EXACTLY where I'm coming from. Ok so I get it, its hospitality, I am supposed to make sure you have the most "hospitable" experience you could possibly have while you are at my bar. Now while this is true…. there are some freakin exceptions! I can’t always precisely count out your napkins, make sure your drink has exactly 3 ice cubes, or that the bar’s air conditioning is set to 72.53 degrees. Ironically enough, the guiltiest patrons of this type of overly needy behavior are ……. the regulars!?!

Yup! I mean of course I love my regulars; these are the people that religiously come to the bar and know close to every inch and angle of the establishment. They also take part in commenting and observing the inside gossip of the staff as a whole. These people are very loyal to their bar and could be a lot of fun… but there are also “those kind of regulars.” I mean come on I am super busy and you call me over “Rayna! Rayna!” (Sounding urgent) so then I drop what I am doing run across the bar and say “Hey whats going on *****?” they reply “Hey can u turn down the lights just a hair” (I turn them down) “How is this?” “ehh… a little brighter now please…” Long story short we can play these meticulous games all day but I need to work! Then we have the other regulars who are never happy about the stations we play for the majority of the bar guests.  “Hey Rayna would you mind changing that to so and so?”….. Ok, NO!  You ask me that everyday and I am required to play what the majority of the customers want to hear.

I also love the moocher regulars!!  These are the people that say “Hey let me get a beer on **** (my owner), He is my good friend, known him for years, what’s his phone number?”…. WELL if you do not know his number how is he your good friend number one and two no I am not going to steal a beer on my owners tab which you “know” so well.

Another one of my favorites is the needy/nosey regulars“ When is **** (my owner who they call by name) gonna fix this tiny crack in the bar, does **** know the sign outside is starting to fade, is **** ever going to get that beer that we keep asking for?” I DON’T KNOW THESE ANSWERS LOL! IF YOU “KNOW” HIM SO WELL THEN GO ASK HIM! Also the people that fall under this particular category frequently let me know “Come on Rayna don’t you remember I like TWO napkins as my coaster underneath my drink” …… Well no I guess I didn’t remember the exact number of napkins you liked under your drink, which lets be real, it’s a Budlight anyway so WHO CARES?!

Ok now I will get off my rant and remind all of my lovely bar goers that, yes, and I want to make sure you have a fun time and a good drink…. BUT please guys I am your BARTENDER not your SLAVE!