Dear others in the hospitality business:

This applies to all the other servers and bartenders out there! This is for people that are “in the biz”… or work at a restaurants.  There are a few things I do not understand.

Why is the first thing you say to me when you walk up to the bar this.. “I work at ________.... I know what it’s like blah blah, can u hook me up with a free drink?” It’s like come onnnnn, since you work in the industry don’t you know I am not supposed to be “hooking you up” with anything. Also it seems like those people that need to let you know they are a server or bartender also, are the most annoying of the customers.

I can be slammed at the bar and they will walk up and say “Can I get a single Vodka, half OJ half Cran, splash of grapefruit juice,extra ice, 2 limes, 1 lemon, and in a tall glass?... oh and by the way I am a bartender too!”  ...... REALLY?! You’re a bartender and you just asked me to make this annoying drink when I have a slammed bar? Basically long story short, if you are in hospitality, you can show me that by your tip, not your specifically long and annoying drink orders.